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The North U Performance Racing TRIM CD ROM puts performance in motion, and shows how changes in trim will change the sailing performance of your boat. Use the interactive inSail Shaper in to see how different sail controls change sail shapes. Understand how to adjust angle of attack, depth and twist to match different sailing conditions. Detailed trim guidelines are provided for mainsail, jib, genoa, spinnaker, and asymmetric spinnaker trim. In addition to sail trim, the CD covers boat-handling topics, and shows the most up to date techniques for spinnaker sets, jibes and douses, for both conventional and asymmetric spinnakers. Through video, animated graphics and 100s of photographs, the TRIM CD covers the full range of trim and boat handling topics. The CD also includes a voice over by the author, Bill Gladstone, turning the CD into a complete home study TRIM seminar. Windows and Mac compatible.

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