Cheap Diver: For Boats up to 24ft.

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Before heading out the races, use Cheap Diver to make sure your hull is squeaky clean without having to step foot in the water. Cheap Diver is made out of a lightweight yet durable poly mesh material that can harmlessly remove buildup from the bottom of your boat.

With another person (an extra helping hand makes it much more effective), unfurl Cheap Diver and grab each end, letting it sink just in front of the bow with one end on each side of the boat. Using a long pulling motion, you infloss in the bottom of the boat, working side to side and back towards the keel.

The product of years of materials testing, the Cheap Diver is ideal for small keelboats that are raced regularly and/or have to be kept in the water overnight for major regattas. This product is not recommended for use on boat bottoms with barnacles, rust, zincs or sloughing paint. Also, each hull design will have certain areas which will prove difficult to clean?reach.

Before storage, simply rinse with fresh water and swing around or dry on the life line or halyard. Store in the provided mesh bag for to prevent fouling with lines. Available in two sizes - the shorter version is designed for boats up to 24 feet in length with a fin keel. The longer version is designed for boats up to 36 feet in length with a fin keel.

Instructions on How to Use Cheap Diver: As instructions are not included, we've included the manufacturers inhow to in here for you. Simply click here to view the instructions.
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