Covered Solid Elastomer Stretch Cord

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This is not your average shock cord. Solcor has a reputation for durability, reliability and innovation making it the choice of quality shock cord.

Average shock cord Problem #1: The Core

Conventional stretch cord is manufactured from inexpensive and low specification multi-strand rubber. Given its formation and with its large surface area, each strand in a traditional stretch cord is particularly vulnerable to UV damage. Banded strands also provide a capillary path for corrosive seawater and harmful chemicals.

The Solcor Solution:

Solcor developed a solid EPDM core rubber formulated by mixing a range of polymers to produce a high quality product that is UV stabilized and more tolerant to harsh environmental conditions.

Average shock cord Problem #2: The cover

Traditional materials did not adequately protect the rubber interior allowing damage through UV penetration and contact with other destructive elements.

The Solcor Solution:

Solcor sourced a tightly braided 1000 denier polyester fabric pre-treated with a UV inhibitor to provide two barriers of protection.

Together the polyester cover and rubber core are impervious to UV, salt water/air, petroleum products and most caustic chemicals.

The Result: Solcor Industrial Strength Stretch Cord.

*Note: We have found the 3/16 in. to run a little small (a true 4mm).

Common Applications:

  • Applications include jib car lead systems, spinnaker pole trip line returns or anywhere you use traditional shock cord and need better performance.


Cover Material: Polyester

  • The cover is made of a tightly braided 1,000 denier polyester fabric. The fabric has been pre-treated with a UV inhibitor to provide a protective barrier from the elements, including salt water, petroleum products, and most toxic chemicals.

Core Material: 100% Blended Elastomer

  • The solid EPDM core rubber was formulated by mixing a range of polymers to produce a high quality product, that is UV stabilized and tolerant to harsh conditions such as; salt water and salt air, petroleum products and most caustic chemicals including chlorine. Solcor's solid core has been stretch tested to 200% of its own length.

End Termination: Cut and Melt

  • We suggest cutting Solcor with a knife fist, then melting the cover - Melting the core is messy, smelly and unnecessary because of its solid core.

Spliceable: No

  • Stretch Cord cannot be spliced, but hog rings can be used to make eyes.

Strippable: No

  • Stretch Cord cannot be stripped.
Size Specifics
Size: InchesSize: MillimetersTensile Strength (lbs.)Weight in Lbs/100 ft.
~3/16 4 n/a n/a
1/4 6 n/a n/a
5/16 8 n/a n/a
Line Characteristics
 Poor Average Excellent
Cleat/Clutch Holding     n/a    
Abrasion Resistance          
Thermal Resistance          
 Low Medium High
Water Absorption          

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More Information
Color Black
Line Construction Double Braid
Core Material Elastomer
Cover Material Polyester
Can Strip Cover? No
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Video Transcript

Hi. This is Kyle from APS. I'm here to share with you some of the characteristics of our covered, solid elastomer stretch cord. This is a substitute for traditional shock cord that has multiple strands. This has a solid elastomer core. What's the advantage to a solid? It actually gives you a more consistent return force through the entire stretch range where traditional shock cord, save for the first 10 to 20% of stretch, there's not a lot of return force there. If you have this hooked up, say, a hog ring to a jiblead car that is controlled remotely, and the job of this is to pull the car back when you ease the control line. Traditional shock cord may not have enough return force to get the car all the way back, where a solid elastomer does.

We have another solid elastomer that's uncovered. The advantage of this has over that is solid elastomer, if you nick it and stretch it, it can break. It just takes one nick. Having this cover, which is not nylon. It's actually polyester, so it's UV stable. It'll keep the solid elastomer core from getting nicked and breaking. The best of both worlds here. Available in three sizes, 3/16ths, quarter and 5/16ths. Do note that the 3/16ths is a, shall we call it a small 3/16ths. It's really undersized. It's somewhere between 5/32nds and 3/16ths, but we settled on 3/16ths.

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