Crewsaver Ergofit 40 Pro USCG Auto PFD w/ Harness

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Crewsaver’s Ergofit 40 Pro was designed to combine safety, comfort and style. These inflatable lifejackets are USCG-Approved and offer a wide variety of safety features. The specially designed bladder delivers a faster turn speed while keeping your airway lifted above the water. A durable and low-profile cover is simplified to reduce snagging while moving about the boat. With a minimum of 40lbs of buoyancy, the Ergofit is a great option for both inshore and offshore sailing.

In addition to safety, Crewsaver's Ergofit series is made to offer comfort through all of your activities. A dual buckle system allows for easy donning and removal. With easy to adjust waist straps, a quick burst zip and a form fitting neckline, this inflatable offers protection that moves with you.

Key Features:

  • Three-layer cover construction for extreme durability
  • Unique chin support tilts your head back to help keep your airways clear
  • Bladder turns you onto your back, supporting your head and helping keep your mouth out of the water
  • Dual buckle system to enable easy donning
  • Easy to adjust side waist adjusters and quick burst zip
  • Soft loop D-rings for attaching the safety harness (on harness versions)
  • Form-fitting neckline allows for greater range of head movement
  • Fusion 3D shaping and flexible fabric for a comfortable fit
  • Indicator window shows status of firing mechanism
  • Webbing tidys
  • Manual inflation tube
  • Can be fitted with a personal AIS device
  • Supplied with an approved whistle
  • Retro-reflective tape to improve visibility for rescue
  • Provides a minimum of 40lbs of buoyancy when inflated
  • USCG Type V / II approved lifejacket (auto + harness)
  • Halkey Roberts Pro 1F manaual/automatic inflator
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Recommended Use Day Sailing, Overnight Sailing, Offshore Sailing, Keelboat Racing
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This is the Ergofit 40 Pro. This is an auto inflate PFD by Crewsaver. It's Coast Guard approved. It has the manual inflate down here for the CO2 cartridge and has a traditional auto inflator here with an indicator window. Right now it's showing green, so the canister's ready to fire. If it were red, I'd need to service this. You can see that this has a 3D profile. That's one of the signature features of this vest that it wants to fit the body and stay snug. Some of the other features, this has a built in harness with tether attachments. We've got a double buckle here. The bladder is inside this housing using a zipper that's easy to reset. If you need to access that, and manually open this up, and take a look at it, there are three places on the vest that you can do that.

As I get into this, what I feel fairly immediately is it just wants to fall onto my shoulders and around my chest in a molded way. I've got double buckles here to keep it close to the chest so there's less chance of snagging. If I had the optional crotch straps, they would attach back here, run through my legs, and up to here to keep this down right in a comfortable place.

I've gone ahead and inflated this vest using the oral inflator here. If it auto inflates and it's a little bit too tight around, you can just release a little air. Right here I've got a safety whistle I can deploy. I've got reflective tapes and I also have this area here which is designed where you can attach a strobe or an AIS device. I could attach another strobe here using a wraparound strap. Pretty comfortable. Again, if I had the crotch straps, the optional ones attached, that would keep it down out of my face and keep me more buoyant. Then again, my adjustments in back, I can adjust those in the water. These are pretty easy to get to. This is the Ergofit 40 Pro.