How to Order Custom Bent Harken Tracks

harken bent track

A track is often bent to follow the cabin house curve or boom radius. Sometimes track is bent vertically, ends up, to relieve tension on the sail's leech as the traveler car moves off the boat's centerline.

In order to perform smoothly and carry the correct load, the traveler car's length must suit track radius. Check the description of the traveler cars for their minimum radius requirements. Remember, you can couple two cars for higher loads on tighter radii.

Minor bends can often be made when the track is installed. If the track requires more bend, we can provide track with horizontal, vertical or compound curves to your specifications for a modest charge. If the bend is continuous, add 2 to 4 inches (50 to 100 cm) to each end because track cannot be bent to its ends. Standard Harken Mini-Maxi and Maxi traveler cars cannot ride on vertical bends with a radius under 50' (15.25m).

Please call to order curved track. We cannot accept curved track orders on our website.

Please have ready the following information when you call:

  • Boat Model:
  • Track Part Number:
  • Bend Part Number: (We'll help you with this)
  • Chord Length:
  • Chord Depth, Horizontal or Radius, Horizontal:
  • Chord Depth, Vertical or Radius, Vertical:

And which curve you want (one of the following):

  • Vertical Bend, Ends Down
  • Vertical Bend, Ends Up
  • Horizontal Bend, End Forward or Aft
  • Compound Bend, Horizontal and Vertical, Ends Down
  • Compound Bend, Horizontal and Vertical, Ends Up