Spinlock Deckvest 5D Pro Sensor Auto Inflatable PFD, 170N

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The Spinlock Deckvest 5D 170N Pro Sensor PFD is a high performance auto inflating life jacket and harness designed for frequent offshore use.

This 5D Deckvest includes a Pro Sensor inflation system. This system uses a compressed pater capsule that dissolves in water releasing a spring to inflate the inflation cylinder. The cap is designed so that only water flowing upwards will cause it to activate.

Comes with a Pylon Light™ for added security. This light is a high intensity, water activated flashing LED Light with a 23cm flexible antenna wand that gives improved visibility above head and water.

Key Features:

  • High specification auto inflating lifejacket harness
  • Pro Sensor inflation system - water sensitive activation system with compressed paper capsule
  • Very light, comfortable design for use over long periods
  • Pylon Light™ - high intensity, water activated flashing LED Light
  • Lume-On™ - Lifejacket bladder illumination lights included
  • Sprayhood - to reduce the risk of secondary drowning
  • Deck safety harness with soft loop safety line attachment point
  • Compact and unobtrusive
  • Double crotch straps
  • Quick access emergency safety line cutter
  • Unique 'Shoulder Fit System' flexes and locates ensuring correct fit on shoulders every time
  • Back adjustment - hidden and non-snagging for easy, simple adjustment
  • Through Life Support (TLS) Registration extends product warranty to 5 years
  • Toggle attachment point for Chest Pack - DW-PCC (170N only)
  • Mesh pocket for quick storage
  • Attachment points for optional Spinlock chest packs
  • Easily converts to 'manual only' firing head with a Manual Conversion Kit
  • CE Approved ISO12402-3 Lifejacket
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Recommended Use Overnight Sailing, Offshore Sailing
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This is the Deckvest 5D by Spinlock. This is an automatically inflating PFD and it has a built-in attachment point, a soft one, for your tether. Some of the features real quick, on the inside I've got this storage pocket with the cutaway knife for cutting tethers or lines. As I move around, I've got adjustments here on both sides and I can just slide the vest and get a nice custom fit to it. My deployment, if I wanted to manually deploy this, I could pull on this right here. In the back, I've got adjustment for this area where I can pull the vest back. If I'm wearing the double crotch straps, which go under through the legs and attach to these points right here, I can pull those tight and I can pull this tight and I can cinch this to my chest. As I get this on, I can already feel that it's pre-curved and fits my body, my shoulders and around my neck very well. They have this very unique attachment here. It's a hard plastic but it's soft around that. And then all I'd have to do is cinch these sides, and then if I pulled the crotch straps through, I can adjust those nice and snug.

I've gone ahead and deployed the vest here. I used the manual inflator. The first thing to know is this comes in two different styles in terms of the auto-inflator here. This is the classic or pro sensor. It uses a water tablet. You go in the water, the paper gets wet and it starts to dissolve, and the firing pin goes into the canister here, and it auto-inflates. There have been rare instances where you're getting a lot of spray, super high humidity, where the paper actually started to get saturated enough where it went off. It doesn't happen a lot but if you don't want that to happen, here's the other option. This is the hammer or the hydrostatic. This one actually doesn't use paper, it uses pressure. It has to be under the water at least four inches or more for it deploy, so no accidentals.

Both of these vests are also available in two different buoyancy amounts. The standard is the 170 that I have on here, which is a lot of buoyancy, and this is what almost everybody gets. If you are wearing a lot of equipment, heavy boots, tools strapped to you all the time, you would want to maybe look at the 275. It's humongous. Like I said, not a lot of people go there but a few people have that need. So running through this, what do I got? I got my safety whistle. I've got reflective tape here, and I've got my strobe light. This is particular, or peculiar, in that when it goes up ... When this deploys, this actually jumps up the vest down below. It's water-activated. The battery's hanging out over here. As soon as this hits the water, it starts to strobe.

Now that's in addition to something that Spinlock came up with. This is the Lume-on. These are cool. LED lights on each bladder, the light faces in. When these hit water, they illuminate the bladder here and this whole thing glows. So now this thing's glowing, this thing's flashing. That's a lot of visual aid. Other stuff, the hood, this is the spray hood. Why a spray hood? Well, if you're in really bad conditions, it's raining hard, wave tops are being blown off or they're crashing and you've got all this water coming at you, it can be very difficult to breathe. There have been cases where people have drowned not from going under the water, just from the spray. So to give yourself some protection and some extra visibility in terms of the color, this is included in the 5D. I've got air holes here and the water should just shut off, and I've got a nice little compartment in here that helps me with breathable air. This is the 5D by Spinlock.