DN Halyard with Shackle And Brummel Hook

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Our halyards and tails are made two ways, with or without a brummel clip. The brummel or sister clip allows for the fast disconnect of the tail. Without the brummel, we splice a luggage tag eye, no more taking off your gloves to tie a bowline. The tails are made with AmSteel Blue tapered into shock cord so that when storing the mast you can hook the shackle up and avoid it flopping in the breeze.

Our DN Halyard tail is made of Amsteel Blue, which has an eye splice to luggage tag to the end loop in the wire halyard. Both halyards need to be crimp swaged onto the rig for complete installation. You will need a crimp hand swage tool, we recommend the SIT002.


  • Diameter: 1/8 in. (3mm)
  • Line: Samson AmSteel Blue - High Performance - Dyneema SK-75/Polypropylene single braid; minimal stretch with zero water absorption.
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