Double Bobbin Inhauler (1)

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Increasingly, sailboat designs are incorporating inhaulers for proper headsail trim. A better design was necessary to combat deformed rings and point loaded lines under higher loads.

The Double Bobbin's strong and smooth, anodized aluminum surface provides such an elegant solution to creating 4:1 purchase systems for boats under 45 feet, that it is used on Farr 40's and NYYC 42's.

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Color Black
Length (in) 3-1/2
Length (mm) 89
Note Large Opening Diameter: 3/4 (19mm)
Additional Notes Small Opening Diameter: 1/2 (13mm)
Weight (oz) 2.4
Weight (g) 68
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Double Bobbin Inhauler


Trim your headsail just right.

This Double Bobbin Inhauler is made of milled aluminum. It's so strong, you don't have to worry about it deforming under high loads. A continuous splice of 1/4" AmSteelis secured around the bobbin. The splice acts as padding for the deck and mast. It has been designed for boats ranging from 35' to 45' - examples are J/111, Summit 40/King 40, Farr 40, Farr 395, J122, Swan 45, IMX-45. In this case, we're outfitting a J/111.

 The bobbin is kind to line; it has a smooth surface that won't point load the line. With proper setup, this J/111 will be able to sustain a 4:1 advantage for ease of adjustment.