Drysuit Glove - Waterproof PVC w/ Latex Seal & Lining

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This fully waterproof glove will keep your hands warm and dry in the coldest conditions. The glove is completely waterproof, and consist of the blue PVC which has a texture to it for easy line grip, and the black latex rubber seal at the cuff.  The drysuit seal at the wrist keeps water out even if you fully submerge your hands. The fuzzy lining keeps you warm, and is removable for easy cleaning or drying.

Wear these with any drysuit. Place the black wrist seal of the glove over top of your drysuit wrist seal for completely dry and warm hands.  We suggest buying a second pair of the insulated liners such that if your gloves were to get wet inside, you always have a second dry liner available.

The black latex rubber seal can be trimmed to fit your wrist just like a dry suit wrist seal.  This is done by removing small incremental concentric strips of the seal from its outside edge, and then trying the glove back on.  NOTE – Take your time, and do not trim too much material at any one time.  When cutting, use scissors to cut in a smooth line – irregular edges can split when stretching the seal over and on to your hand.

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