E22 Upper Shroud, 5mm Dyform & Brolga Turnbuckle (1)

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Made-to-Order Rigging - Typically Ships in 5-7 Business Days

Our E22 upper shroud  is custom made with 5mm Dyform wire and a Brolga Turnbuckle makes it easy to adjust the rig from the windward rail without tools. We can produce new standing rigging two ways: you can ship us your old rigging to duplicate or we can work from the measurements that you provide us. Please provide us the length of your existing shrouds at their normal sailing setting (medium air) from bearing surface of the eye to the bearing surface of the toggle plate at the bottom of the turnbuckle.

Visit How to Measure Standing Rigging before placing your order. You may ship your existing rigging to us for reproduction if you prefer.

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