Etchells Main Halyard: Amsteel Blue (1/8")

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Diameter: 1/8 in (3mm) or 1/4 in (6mm).

Line: Samson AmSteel Blue - High Performance, Dyneema SK-75; minimal stretch with zero water absorption.

The Etchells main halyard is available within two options. The first is 1/8 in Amsteel Blue spliced to 1/8 in 7x19 wire. The second is 1/4 in Racing Sheet with a longer section of wire, due to 1/4 in being too large to fit through the halyard lock, but it does make it easier to handle during hoist. Both have a single ball stop for mast head halyard locks with a Wichard key shackle (WC81432). The shackle is crimp swaged to the wire with a thimble and the single shank ball stop is swaged on 11-3/4 in from the bearing surface of the ball to the bearing surface of the shackle pin.

Visit How to Measure Wire Rigging before placing your order. You may ship your existing rigging to us for reproduction if you prefer.

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