Wichard Eyestrap - XXL

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Wichard's Double Extra Large Eye strap is tr�s �l�gant, grand, and solide. It is made from grade 316L stainless steel and is ideal for high-load applications including leading control lines, attaching blocks, and creating lashing points. The WC9205 is made from 5/16 in. (10mm) eye stock and has a breaking load of 15,321 pounds (7000kg). It is 3 5/64 in.(78mm) long and has an eye width of 25/32 in. (20mm) and an eye height of 1 1/32 in. (26mm).
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Color Black
Breaking Load (lbs) 15432
Eye Height (in) 1
Eye Height (mm) 26
Eye Stock (in) 7/16
Eye Stock (mm) 10
Eye Width (in) 13/16
Eye Width (mm) 20
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