Forte Carbon Tube 8' Long OD 1.25, ID 1.00

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Forte applies 4-axis continuous fiber braiding over an aluminum mandrel to produce extremely durable and tough carbon fiber tubes. The interlocking fiber braid is wet-out with epoxy resin. The end result is a seamless braided tube with very precise compression or bending characteristics.

Forte builds its parts to specific lengths and weights, and may be straight gauge or tapered. The FCT (Forte Carbon Tube) 100 requires a BU4221-100 bushing and has an inside diameter of 1.00 in (25mm), an outer diameter of 1 in (29mm), and a maximum length of 8.0'.

Thistle, 505, Laser 2, and FD sailors create spinnaker poles out of these tubes by using RWO R4221 end fittings.

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