Gill Deckhand Gloves, Short Finger

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Gill's redesigned Fingerless Deckhand Gloves offer great protection at an even better price. Innovative seamless fingers increase the durability of this glove, and double layered Amara reinforcement doesn't absorb or retain water and dries quickly.

A pre-shaped construction fits your natural hand shape, and stretch fabric on the back make this a comfortable fitting glove with ideal flexibility. Fingerless style offers increased dexterity.

Key Features:

  • Double layered Amara reinforcement is water-resistant
  • Stretch fabric on back for comfort, UV 50+ protection
  • Seamless finger construction for durability
  • Offset finger seams remove pressure points & reduce wear spots
  • Pre-shaped construction fits your natural hand shape
  • Fingerless style for maximum dexterity
  • Inside facing wrist closure to prevent accidental starting of watch
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Color Z
Recommended Use All Sailing
Material / Fabric Amara, Polyamide, Polyurethane, Elastane, Neoprene
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Video Transcript

These are the Deckhand gloves by Gill. They are a three finger or long finger configuration where you've got these three fingers completely covered and protected. So we've got our protection and it also keeps the gloves from wanting to slide down, that can sometimes happen on a fingerless glove. You'll notice a nice little feature is they didn't put the seam on the end here, they actually took the material all the way around, put the seam up here, so much more comfortable on the fingertips.

So this is a four-way stretch quick dry material on the back, and then the wrist cuff is a neoprene construction, and that goes from here all the way around. The neoprene is soft, it wants to flex, but it also wants to always lay flat on your wrist. And then the adjustment down here... sometimes these rubber tabs on foul weather gear or gloves can be maybe a little inflexible. This is a very soft material, and the way they've cut it it really wants to just articulate however you need it to, so good adjustability.

This is a full Amara palm, that's a synthetic leather that once it gets wet and dries it doesn't get hard like the old leather gloves used to. And then that's double black area of amara for some extra reinforcement, and that wraps all the way around. This is the three finger or long finger glove. Deckhand by Gill.