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When you see it on the street you may think that the Race Watch by Gill is just another hip watch for basic use, but that bold style hides a dinghy load of features that will keep you on track on and off the race course.

This watch features a large font syncing countdown timer with audible alerts so you always know where you're at in the start sequence. It has a key lock function to prevent your sailing gloves from accidentally changing settings and offers a shock and impact resistant construction made out of carbon reinforced ABS plastic with a stainless steel backing.

Key Features:

  • Water resistant to 30m
  • Syncing Countdown timer
  • Key lock function
  • Comfortable, fully adjustable strap to fit a wide range of wrist sizes
  • 5 buttons with easy to read functions
  • Shock and impact resistant construction
  • Electro luminescent backlight
  • Time, date, and day display
  • Alarm function
  • Audible alarm and alert sounds
  • Sleep mode to preserve battery life
  • Lightweight, carbon reinforced ABS plastic construction with a stainless steel case back
  • Flexible, hardwearing TPU strap
  • Watch face measures 48mm in diameter

Important: Watch batteries for Gill styles W012 and W013 can be replaced with battery CR2032. All batteries should be replaced by a certified watch specialist or jeweler. The batteries are not covered under warranty and will not be replaced by Gill NA.

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Aaron Freeman, a former APS employee and avid keelboat, dinghy and iceboat sailor, gives us his two cents on the Gill Race Watch

After a few $1 Natty Boh’s at the Annapolis Yacht Club tent party, post Wednesday night racing, APS’s online content guru Claire convinced me to write a special guest blog. Well as a man of my word, here goes.

It was the first Wednesday night of the year for me, and as such I needed a watch. As a bit of background, I am very tough and quite critical when it comes to watches. I weirdly manage to accidentally hit the ‘stop’ button on both the Ronstan Clear Start and Freestyle watches, leaving me guessing at the sequence and defeating the reason for wearing a watch.

I decided that this year’s watch to be dissatisfied with and complain about all summer would be the Gill Race Watch.

Gill race watch 

Surprise! No Ranting, Just Raving

Unfortunately, for those looking for a proper rant, you wont find one here. The watch was great. It's super lightweight and incredibly intuitive. I, of course, didn’t read or bring the instructions out on the boat with me. Luckily, it’s super simple and very user-friendly and I figured out the needed functions before leaving the dock, with a Heineken in my hand no less.

The ‘start/stop’ and ‘reset’ buttons are pushed far enough to the top/bottom to not get pressed accidentally, while still situated so that they are easily pressed. A key lock function also helps with the bumbling around that so often causes a watch/timer mishap. A decent size display makes it easily visible, while the band is flexible and comfortable.

race watch review mode

Another favorite feature is the one-minute countdown. The whole screen clears and you’re left with just the last 60 displaying on the screen.

In a nod to my first watch a Swatch (hey, I’m a child of the 80’s) the Gill Race Watch comes in fun candy colors like red yellow and blue. If that's not your style, there's always navy- which I chose. If you’re looking to step your watch game up another level, check out the Gill Regatta Master. All the same great functions, and a little extra bling of stainless silver.

I know everyone has a preference for this or that watch, but as a former APS employee, I’ve tried them all. Although I haven’t used the Gill Race Watch for very long, I am already pretty impressed and looking forward to getting off the line on time this season.

Now the next trick is a watch to help me steer clear of Claire at regatta parties?


Aaron Freeman is a sales representative for Gill NA.