Gill Regatta Race Timer

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Sporty with a large face and buttons for ease of use while racing. It comes in two different color faces with carbon reinforced ABS plastic and sports a stainless steel case back and a flexible TPU strap.

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  • Water resistant to 30m
  • Syncing Countdown timer
  • Key lock function
  • Shock and impact resistant construction
  • Electro luminescent backlight
  • Shock and impact resistant construction
  • Electro luminescent backlight
  • Time, date, and day display
  • Alarm function
  • Audible alarm and alert sounds
  • Sleep mode to preserve battery life
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Is it a Sailing Watch? a Sailing Timer? Dinghy Deck Hardware? ..Answer: All of the Above.  So here you have it, the Gill Regatta Race Timer!

 Sailing Watch: The Gill Regatta Race Timer
As far as sailing watches go, three words come to mind when thinking about this bad boy; Big, Huge, and Versatile. All of this combined makes for a great sailing watch for any type of racing from dinghies to big boats.
The big display allows for quick glancing instead of a prolonged, squinty time check. The huge digital numbers and five preset countdown sequences make it a pleasure to use out on the water.
Front facing large buttons make for easy operation, as well as preventing accidental side button pushing.  (Side Note: We really like the green buttons on the black version because they're easier to see at a quick glance.)
It's versatile snap in cradle for the watch is contoured on the underside to make for a comfortable wrist watch, but more importantly its provides a nice curved surface for attaching to a dinghy mast.
The cradle also has four screw mounting holes so the watch can be mounted to a bulkhead.  For great versatility and great timekeeping, this one’s a keeper!
My words can not do it justice.. Check out the video below to see the features of this watch in action.