Ronstan Halyard Shackle 1/4 pin

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Ronstan's Halyard Shackle has a secondary pin to keep the shackle permanently secured to the halyard and in the correct orientation. The secondary pin is removable so a pre-spliced halyard can easily be fitted. The captive shackle pin at the bottom ensures you won't accidentally drop it overboard. It is engaged by a quick action pin that only requires one quarter turn to tighten or loosen. Added features include an anti-vibration retaining lug and a long lever head for easy attachment.

Ronstan shackles are manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel. They are strong, reliable, and economical. Ronstan applies a UDL (Uniformly Distributed Load) rating, which is the breaking load applied across the full width of the shackle pin.ᅠᅠ This one has a 1/4 in. pin diameter with an inside length between the pins of 32mm.

More Information
Color Black
Breaking Load (lbs) 4620
Breaking Load (kg) 2000
Clevis Pin (in) 1/4
Clevis Pin (mm) 6
Inside Legnth (in) 1-1/4
Inside Length (mm) 32
Inside Width (in) 3/4
Inside Width (mm) 19
Length (in) 2-1/2
Length (mm) 63.5
Weight (g) 55
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