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  1. Ronstan KiteBlock - Black
    now $4.49 aps price $5.98 25% OFF
  2. Harken 22mm Micro Sheave
    now $3.74 aps price $4.99 25% OFF
  3. Harken 16mm Single w/Bec
    now $11.99 aps price $15.99 25% OFF
  4. Harken 16mm Double w/Bec
    now $23.24 aps price $30.99 25% OFF
  5. Harken Big Bullet Cheek
    now $22.44 aps price $29.92 25% OFF
  6. Harken 16mm Airblock Sheave
    now $7.49 aps price $9.99 25% OFF
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More information on Blocks & Accessories:

Sailing blocks are one of the most essential pieces of hardware on any racing or cruising sailboat. They can be a single or multiple sheave pulley between cheeks. Lines run through blocks to create purchase systems or change the direction of the rigging or line. From dinghies to keelboats, they are needed to perform many of the necessary tasks of a crew.


Blocks come in many makes and models. Sailing blocks come most commonly in single, double or triple sheave formations. Next, there are traditional or high load blocks, rated by the block's safe working load. Lastly, there are different configurations and attachments for sailing blocks. Beckets, cheeks, fiddles, hexaratchets, ratchets, snatches, loops, dyneema loops all determine how the block might be used. The structure and sheave can also vary widely from ball bearing, aluminum sheave, ratchet, to snatch. From high load to low load applications, sailing blocks perform essential functions on your boat.


APS is your one stop shop for boat hardware and supplies online. Whether you’re looking for cheek blocks, deck blocks or mast & boom blocks, we’ve got the top hardware from the all the major names in marine parts.

Harken Blocks: Classic Blocks, Micro Blocks, Small Boat Blocks, Black Magic, Carbo Air blocks, Midrange Blocks, ESP Cruising Blocks.

Lewmar Blocks: Racing Blocks, Synchro Blocks, Synchro Control Blocks

Ronstan Blocks: Orbit Blocks, Ball Bearing Blocks, All Purpose Blocks, Lightweight Blocks, Core Blocks.

Antal Blocks:: OPF Blocks, Looper Blocks, Snatch Blocks, Mast Halyard Blocks

Schaefer Blocks: Stainless Series Blocks, Sheaves, Ball Bearing Blocks


Ball Bearing Blocks

Ball bearings provide fast running and smooth trimming of the lines.

Deck Organizers

Keep your deck organized and optimize your boat for racing or short-handed cruising by leading all lines aft to the cockpit.

Line Feeders

Line feeders provide a fair lead over a hard edge like a coach roof.

Low Friction Rings and Blocks

Lightweight and maintenance free – great for any application not requiring a ball bearing block.

Plain Bearing Blocks

Simple and robust – used when more strength is required and at a more affordable price.

Ratchet Blocks

Manual or Automatic ratchets provide holding power to handle loaded lines making for easier trimming.

Replacement Sheaves, Sheave Boxes & Exit Plates

Replace worn, cracked, or UV damaged sheaves or mast boxes to keep your blocks running smooth.

Snatch Blocks & Magic Boxes

Snatch blocks can be positioned on the fly and have nearly infinite uses.

Specialty and Wire Blocks

Small high strength blocks for wire or wire replacement applications.

Springs, Boots & Stand-up Bases 

Replace worn springs and protect your deck by helping your blocks stand up-right.


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