Navtec Integral Hydraulic Backstay Adjuster

These Series 8 adjusters incorporate several key design improvements over past series. The pressure gauge is positioned prominently, enabling fast, accurate readings of tension values. A longer pump handle produces a faster pumping motion and more tension per stroke. These improvements demand greater performance out of modern masts. The feed tube is seated in the contour of the cylinder, resulting in a secure design and an integrated look. Use of the specifically-designed integral Navtec toggle is strongly recommended. Wire diameter is based on 1 x 19. Step-by-step instructions make installation simple and painless. When installing a hydraulic backstay for the first time, remove the backstay and send it to APS to be shortened, or we can supply you with a Norseman mechanical fitting for you to do all the work onsight.

Part # Max Wire Dia. in. Pin Dia. in. Length Open in. Length Closed in. Stroke Weight lbs. Toggle Part #
NTA370LE006 7/32" 7/16 44.6 31.1 13.5 7.8 A06
NTA370LE010 9/32" 1/2 44.6 31.1 13.5 7.9 A10
NTA370LE012 5/16" 5/8 47.7 33.4 14.2 16.4 A12
NTA370LE017 3/8" 5/8 47.7 33.4 14.2 16.4 A17
NTA370LE022 7/16" 3/4 50.5 35.5 15.0 23.3 A22
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