Industrial Lev-O-Gage 3, 26° to 26°, 3-1" W

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Having an Inclinometer on board and knowing your exact degree of heal can be an invaluable tool for racing. Also commonly known as a tilt gauge, inclinometers can measure the angle of tilt on your boat, truck, Jeep, fork lifts or really any tilt-able machinery.

This Sun Company Lev-O-Gage shows angle of heal from -25 degrees to 25 degrees. A brass ball rides in special damping fluid with a flexible, shatterproof tube assembly. Mounts on dashboard with high-bond tape. (3.5 in.W x 1.6 in.H, 0.7 oz.)


  • Made in USA
  • Housings made of heat-resistant ABS polymer plastic and tube assembly is constructed of durable borosilicate glass
  • Background of tube assembly is fade-resistant inneon yellow in for HIGH VISIBILITY
  • White numbers and markings are printed
  • Manually color customize the white markings to denote inSafe in - inCaution in - inAlert in zones
  • Mounts to most surfaces with high-bond pressure-sensitive tape (provided) or screws (provided)
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