J/22 2:1 Jib Sheet: Sta-Set (1)

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Our J22 2:1 Jib Sheets are designed to be tied to the eye on the jib lead car, run through the clew of the sail, back through the jib lead block and back to the winch. Both ends of the sheet are end whipped for added durability.

The line used for this Jib Sheet configuration is a club level performance, New England Sta-Set line. It offers a polyester core and cover with moderate stretch and moderate water absorption. Sta-Set is a strong, flexible and long wearing line at an economical price point.


  • Sold individually
  • Diameter: 5/16 in (8mm)
  • Line: New England Sta-Set - Club/Economy Performance - Polyester core provides moderate stretch with some water absorption.
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