J/22 Spinnaker Sheet: Ph.D. (1)

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Our J22 Spinnaker Sheets are made of either a Dyneema or a blended Dyneema core. All have ends whipped for added durability and the core is secured to the cover preventing no-load movement.

The like used in this Spin Sheet configuration is a high performance, Yale Ph.D. line. It features a Spectra core sleeved with polyester fibers with Yale iGrip coating for the most secure grip. Comfortable, almost fuzzy hand feel makes it easier to grip. On winches it grips the surface securely so fewer wraps are needed with less slipping. Knots and hitches hold tightly even in high load applications. Ph. D. offers the softness and flexibility found in other Dyneema blended single braids combined with less elongation and improved durability. Extremely fast running through multiple purchase systems.

This Sheet is sold individually. For a complete set, please be sure to enter a quantity of two when ordering.


  • Diameter: 5/16 in (8mm)
  • Line: Yale Ph.D. - High Performance - Spun Polyester twisted over Spectra 1000 cover; soft, flexible, durable, easy to grip.
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