J/24 6:1 Outhaul Kit: Super Pre-Stretch

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This J24 Outhaul System comes as a complete kit.

The small wire pennant is crimp swaged to the Harken 227 double micro with becket and the other end has a crimp swage eye with thimble that will be attached to the through bolt(inside the end casing) attaching the boom end to the gooseneck.

The other wire pennant is crimp swaged to the Harken 228 triple micro while the other end is left unfinished. The unfinished end must be run through the outboard end boom fitting prior to crimp swaging on the clew shackle. So, be prepared, you will need to nicropress the clew shackle to the wire during installation (oval sleeve and thimble included).

We assume you will be using your existing clam cleat mounted on the underside of the boom and the clew shackle. The H228 bullet swivel block with shackle is attached to the boom vang plate on the underside of your boom.

Included Kit Components:

  • H228 Micro Triple Block
  • H227 Micro Double Block with Becket
  • 1/8 in Wire Pennant attached to H227 with crimp/thimble eye on the other end
  • 1/8 in Wire Pennant attached to H228 and an unfinished end
  • Oval sleeve, thimble, and Wichard D shackle
  • Marlow Super Pre-Stretch
  • Wichard WC1403 Clew Shackle
  • H166 Bullet Block with Swivel

Give us a call at 800.729.9767 if you would like more information, need us to make these different lengths or with other line types.

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