J/24 Foreguy: Maxibraid Plus

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Our J24 Foreguy is available with a variety of line options to choose from depending on performance, cost and personal preferences. All options come with a Wichard Snap Hook (Part #: WC2480) spliced to the working end with an end whip on the tail end for added durability.

The like used for this Foreguy is a high performance, Yale Maxibraid Plus. It features a UHMWPE Spectra core that has been proven to offer high working loads, low stretch, high abrasion resistance, zero water absorption and UV stability. APS is the only distributor for this solid, color-coded line, and we recommend it all of the time. Its solid color cover will be easily identified in high-pressure situations and the TST (Thin Sleeve Technology) construction is durable and runs smoothly through blocks.


  • Diameter: 1/4 in (6mm)
  • Line: Yale Maxibraid Plus - High Performance - UHMWPE (Spectra) core provides negligible stretch with a durable polyester cover.
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