J/24 Jib Halyard: VPC, w/ Shackle, Lead Aft

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We offer our J24 Jib Halyards in various configurations and line options to give you the opportunity to choose the perfect combination of cost, performance, and durability for your boat.

All configurations offer a Ronstan Snap Shackle (Part #: RF6110) spliced to the working end of the halyard and a reeving eye at the tail end for easy installation.

The line used for this Cabin Top Cleated Jib Halyard is made with a mid-range performance, New England VPC line. It offers minimal water absorption with a low stretch, blended Vectran and Polypropylene core, which makes it a more economical high-load option.


  • Cabin Top cleated halyard
  • Diameter: 1/4 in (6mm)
  • Line: New England VPC - Mid-Range Performance - Vectran/Polypropylene core provides low stretch with minimal water absorption.
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