J/70 Mainsheet: SSR

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Our J24 Foreguy is available with a variety of line options to choose from depending on performance, cost and personal preferences. All are easy to handle and durable. Includes a luggage tag eye for dead ending and a whip on the other end.

The line used for this mainsheet is a high performance, Alpha Ropes SSR line. Alpha Ropes SSR single braid line is extremely versatile. This light, strong, abrasion-resistant and durable rope is popular among Olympic sailors and performance cruisers alike. SSR will not absorb water. It's soft feel and no kink properties make SSR an all-around great sheet line. If you loved Maffioli's Swiftcord and are looking for a replacement, SSR is nearly identical.


  • Diameter: 5/16 in (8mm)
  • Line: Alpha Ropes SSR - High Performance - Dyneema SK-75/Cordura single braid; minimal stretch; zero water absorption; durable.
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