J/80 Mainsheet: SSR

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Our J80 Mainsheets assume that you are using a 2' pennant between the boom bail and the top mainsheet block. The mainsheet is eye spliced on one end in order to attach it easily to the fiddle that creates the top block of the mainsheet cascade. The bitter end is whipped for added durability and the core is secured to the cover to prevent no-load movement.

The line used for this mainsheet configuration is a high performance, Alpha Ropes SSR line. Alpha Ropes SSR single braid line is extremely versatile. This light, strong, abrasion-resistant and durable rope is popular among Olympic sailors and performance cruisers alike. SSR will not absorb water. It's soft feel and no kink properties make SSR an all-around great sheet line. If you loved Maffioli's Swiftcord and are looking for a replacement, SSR is nearly identical.


  • Diameters: 3/8 in (9mm)
  • Line: Alpha Ropes SSR - High Performance, Dyneema SK-75/Cordura single braid; minimal stretch; low water absorption; durable.
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