J/80 Spin Halyard: Endura Braid, Stripped, Hall Spar (5/16")

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Our J80 Spinnaker Halyards come in various line options with two different configurations available; a Hall Mast or a Sparcraft Mast option. Both options have a Ronstan (RF6110) snap shackle and stopper ball spliced to the working end of the halyard and the tail end has a reeving eye for easy installation.

The line used for this Hall Mast configuration is a high performance, New England Endura Braid. It offers a low stretch Dyneema SK-75 core and a durable polyester cover. The core is a low stretch, low creep Dyneema SK-75 that is great for high load applications. Its cover has the benefit of a slightly nubby feel, which makes it easier to hold onto when under load. The fiber is UV stable, abrasion resistant, lightweight and does not absorb water.

This Halyard option comes with a stripped cover, which is one of the easiest ways to save weight aloft.

Before ordering, be sure to check if you have a Hall or Sparcraft Mast. The halyard for a Sparcraft Mast is a bit longer since it exits at the masthead and runs down the outside of the mast to a lead.

Line info:

  • Suitable for a Hall Mast
  • Stripped cover
  • Diameter: 1/4 in (6mm)
  • Line: New England Endura Braid - High Performance - Dyneema SK-75 core provides negligible stretch with a durable polyester cover.
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