Jib Halyard 5/16 Stripped V-100 w/Luggage Eye

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Our Farr 30 (center exit) Jib Halyards are available in various line configurations and come with either a Tylaska Shackle or a Luggage Eye splice at the working end. All options have reeving eyes in the bitter ends for easy installation.

This halyard configuration is stripped to reduce weight and has luggage tag eyes on the working end so you can easily install a new or existing shackle.

The line used is a high performance, New England V-100 line. This line offers no stretch performance, which makes it ideal for static, high load applications. The polyester cover is hardwearing and easy to splice. The outstanding property of the 100% Vectran core is that it shows no sign of stretch or creep at 50% of it ins breaking load. The core is coated for abrasion resistance and UV protection so you can always strip the cover to save weight.


  • Diameter: 5/16 in (8mm)
  • Line: New England V-100 - High Performance - Vectran core provides zero stretch with a durable polyester cover.
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