Laser Outhaul Pro Setup

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Made-to-Order Rigging - Typically Ships in 5-7 Business Days

With no knots to tie, this Laser Pro Outhaul is a clean, easy to setup rigging solution. Creates a 6:1 mechanical advantage when used with aft end purchase set ups. Includes a 12-strand Dyneema strop, Harken 16mm block with becket, and an FSE Robline control line spliced onto the becket.


  • Strop Line- Samson AmSteel AS-78: High performance Dyneema SK-78 single braid line with minimal stretch and zero water absorption.
  • Control Line- FSE Robline Dinghy Control: High performance Dyneema SK-75 Core with a high carrier polyester cover. Low Stretch, fast running, low water absorption, durable.
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