Lightning Spin Sheet: Ultra Lite (1)

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Our Lightning Non-Continuous Spinnaker Sheets are available with a variety of line options to choose from depending on your performance, cost and personal preferences. All options are whipped at both ends for added durability.

The line used for this spin sheet configuration is a mid-range performance, Samson Ultra-Lite line. This line is extremely low stretch, lightweight and strong. It floats and absorbs no water. The Polypropylene Cover with a Spectra and Polypropylene blended core offers a 26% weight savings over 100% polyester lines. The new 24-carrier jacket has been engineered with a coating for added wear life. Expect a slightly shorter cover life than a 100% polyester line, but it's not a bad trade-off given the weight savings.

This sheet is sold individually. For a complete set, please be sure to enter a quantity of two when ordering.


  • Non-Continuous Spinnaker Sheet
  • Diameter: 1/4 in (6mm)
  • Line: Samson Ultra-Lite - Mid-Range Performance - Dyneema SK-60/Polypropylene core with Polypro cover provides low stretch; zero water absorption.
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