Main Halyard w/Shackle, Ball Stop & 1/4 Tail

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This Farr 30 Main Halyard has a 1/4 in AmSteel Blue tail spliced to a wire portion of 3/16 7x19.

The single shank stop ball is swaged just over a foot from the bearing surface of the pin of the Wichard 81433 shackle. This measurement is very standard, but if the hole in your headboard was punched in a non-standard location, you may need us to make this to a different distance. We encourage you to measure your existing halyard on a bench under tension to be sure of the distance you require. When ordering, you will be prompted to enter a length if different from ours.

Please visit How to Measure Rigging before placing your order. You can also ship your existing rigging to us for reproduction if you prefer.


  • Diameter: 1/4 in (6mm)
  • Line: Samson AmSteel Blue - High Performance - Dyneema SK-75; minimal stretch with zero water absorption.
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