Mainsheet Fine Tune 1/4 VPC w/Whipped Ends

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Our Farr 30 Fine Tune Mainsheets are available with a variety of line options to choose from depending on your performance, cost and personal preferences. All options have whipped ends for added durability and are made long enough to insure you can get the boom all the way out.

The line used for this mainsheet configuration is a mid-range performance, New England VPC line. VPC features a strong core of blended Vectran and Polypropylene with a durable polyester cover. VPC was designed specifically with the club racer in mind, and it fills the gap between traditional all-polyester rigging and more expensive grand prix racing lines. Its minimal water absorption and low stretch properties make it an economical high-load line option.


  • Fine Tune Mainsheet
  • Diameter: 1/4 (6mm)
  • Line: New England VPC - Mid-Range Performance - Vectran/Polypropylene core provides low stretch with minimal water absorption.
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