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Excel Control Line by Marlow Ropes is a small diameter rope specifically designed for use as a continuous control line. It features a durable Technora and Polyester cover with lightweight Polypropylene core. The construction creates a strong line that can be spliced and tapered easily.

Created for use as a continuous control line, Marlow Excel Control can be snaked through blocks, leads and bulkheads. Use it for your dinghy and small keelboat under-deck purchase systems, continuous boom vangs or travelers.

Common Applications:

  • Excel Control line was created specifically for continuous control lines.
  • The Polyester yarn of its snakeskin cover can create a perfect end-to-end splice with no diameter increase, so even the splice can glide through the tight spots.


  • Excel Control is a fairly stiff line with a bumpy texture great for grip.

Cover Material: Technora/Polyester

  • The tough tightly woven Technora and polyester blend cover creates abrasion resistant line, which is super durable on the outside.

Core Material: Polypropylene

  • A lightweight uncoated Polypropylene core makes it lightweight, water resistant, and sturdy on the inside. This core helps the line keeps its shape.

End Termination: Melted

  • Marlow’s control line can be melted at the ends for line termination.

Spliceable: Yes

  • Excel Control can easily be used to create an end-to-end splice with no diameter increase.

Strippable: No

  • This cover cannot be stripped.
Size Specifics
Size: InchesSize: MillimetersTensile Strength (lbs.)Weight in Lbs/100 ft.
5/32 4 1,543 0.81
3/16 5 1,933 1.1


Line Characteristics
 Poor Average Excellent
Cleat/Clutch Holding          
Abrasion Resistance          
Thermal Resistance          
 Low Medium High
Water Absorption          

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More Information
Line Application Control Line
Line Construction Double Braid
Core Material Polypropylene
Cover Material Polyester, Technora
Can Strip Cover? No
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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Kyle from APS. I'm here to share with you some of the characteristics of Excel Control Line by Marlow Ropes.

This is a real specialty line for a special applications where you need a continuous control line, such that the line is spliced back to itself pretty much seamlessly so that you can just pulling this around, things like a continuous jib furler, something like that. A little bit about this, it's available in two diameters, 5/32” and 3/16”, two colors. It's a pretty tough line.

It is a cover with a blend of polyester and Technora. Polyester, just a good stable, UV stable, and somewhat abrasion resistant fiber. To give it more abrasion resistance, they've put in Technora, so if you can imagine this going through the metal teeth of a continuous furler over and over again, that Technora's going to help this cover hold up to that kind of abuse. Plus, the Technora gives it the strength and low stretch because the core of this is just polypropylene and it's only there as a filler. It doesn't take any load. It just gives the line its diameter and its round feel.

The way this is accomplished in terms of turning this into a continuous control line is you would actually pull the cover back and expose a portion of the core, the polypropylene, cut the core off, and then pull the jacket back, and you would just have empty jacket. You would do the same thing here, and this cover would go inside of that cover, that cover would go inside of that cover, and they would be pulled through until the buried covers met up with the polypropylene core that's cut off in here. What you're not doing is doubling the diameter, and you have a very smooth continuous transition from one piece to the other.

This is Excel Control Line by Marlow Ropes. For these and all of your line needs, visit us at