Melges 32 Traveler: Salsa

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Our Melges 32 Continuous Travelers are available with a variety of line options to choose from depending on your performance, cost and personal preferences. All options are whipped at both ends for durability, and the core is secured to the cover to prevent no-load movement.

The Line used for this traveler configuration is a high performance, New England Salsa line. Your hands will love this, soft, and exceptionally strong single braid, constructed with a blend of Dyneema SK75 and Spectra 1000 plus spun and filament polyester. Salsa Line is easy to grip, and has proven to be a great kink-free sheet for larger dinghies and keelboats.


  • Diameter: 1/4 in. (6mm)
  • Line: New England Salsa Line - High Performance - Dyneema SK-75 & Polyester single braid with minimal stretch; moderate water absorption
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