TackTick mn 100 Hand Held Remote Display and Control

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Sun glare, heads in the way, or maybe just the old eye balls aren't what they used to be? Well, since tactical information is rarely effective when you can't see it, keep the Raymarine Micronet Remote Control with you to always be in the know.

This handheld remote control is an independent, Micronet, wireless, palm sized display. It functions as a remote control for your Micronet displays with a dot matrix screen and it not only shows you all the data in your system, but also incorporates a rolling road, as well as performance pages for uploads from your tactical software. Multiple remotes can be used at the same time so add as many handsets as you like for keeping your key crew members informed. The remote display comes with lanyard and a white or carbon black bezel for you to customize the look of your display.


  • Palm sized and easy to hold
  • Solar powered - no need for battery changes
  • Backlighting: 3 levels with an automatic daylight shut off
  • Auto off
  • Pocket Mode
  • Alarm setup
  • Totally multifunction
  • Can be used with existing instrument systems, even from other manufacturers
  • Graphic multi-line display/
  • Totally wireless
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