Mustang DLX 38 Inflatable PFD - Manual

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The Mustang DLX 38 Inflatable Manual PFD combines comfort with functionality, delivering mobility to boaters who need to know they can rely on their safety gear. 

Featuring a thoughtful design that focuses on neck and back support, this life vest is built for long periods of use and delivers optimal performance in water. Side adjusters on the belt let you loosen or tighten the waist for a fully customizable fit. A bright yellow inflation cell with SOLAS reflective tape, safety whistle, and attachment points for a strobe light and AIS keep you safe and visible if you go overboard. Zipped side pocket for storing tools.

This model is a manual PFD. This requires the manual pulling of a drawcord to inflate the PFD. 

Key Features:

  • Bright yellow inflation cell
  • 38 lbs (170 N) of buoyancy
  • Solas reflective tape
  • Safety whistle included
  • Attachment points for AIS and strobe lights
  • Comfortable fit around neck and back
  • Zippered side pocket
  • Manual pull cord model
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Video Transcript

This is the DLX 38 Inflatable PFD. It is Coast Guard approved. It comes in three different colorways. It comes in manual, which is this one, the manual inflate where you just pull this down. It also comes in a different version that is automatic and manual, automatic using a traditional paper automatic trigger.

In terms of features, we have attachment point here for molle packs where you might buy an accessory and attach it through these slits here for storage. On the inside here, it has a small pocket where you could keep a few items.

In terms of adjustment and comfort ... As I put this on, what you're going to notice is, rather than having this big thick thing behind my neck, it's completely flat because they've taken the pouch and put it a little bit down the back. That really opens up the neck and makes it more comfortable. You really don't even notice there's anything there. My adjustment points are on either side. I just pull these tabs and, nice and lightweight and comfortable.

Okay, I've gone ahead and inflated this using the oral inflator. If this went off, either manually or pulling the tab or automatically, it was a little too tight you can just let a little air out. I have a safety whistle that's included, reflective tape here. If I wanted to put a strobe light on, I could strap it here ahead of time. If I wanted to, I could add optional crotch straps that would attach in the back, run down through the legs, and up the front. Basically what that's going to do is keep this down, keep it from floating up in the water, and keep my head farther above the water. The openings on the side are Velcro so repacking is pretty easy. They're not the zipper. This is the DLX 38 by Mustang.