Mustang Inflatable Re-Arm Kit A 24g for Elite 28

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The auto hydrostatic Mustang Elite 28 Inflatable Re-Arm Kit contains everything you need to re-arm your Mustang Elite 28 inflatable HIT PFD after it’s been deployed.

Re-arm kit contains: one 24gram CO2 cylinder/inflator body, one inflator cap with metal pull handle, a metal key, and one re-arming instruction manual.

Please note: regular maintenance can reduce the possibility of inadvertent inflation.

For use with Mustang model numbers: MD5183, MD5183 BC, MD5153, MD5153 BC

Key Features:

  • 24 gram CO2 cylinder/inflator body
  • Inflator cap with metal pull handle
  • Metal key
  • Instruction manual 
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