Mustang Traction UV Open Finger Glove

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The Mustang Traction UV Open Finger Glove protects your hands from harmful UV rays and wear and tear from boat handling. Featuring lightweight polyester spandex with UV treated yarn, these gloves are UPF 50 rated and breathable. AX Seude G-Series palm overlay provides grip even when wet. Comes with cuff pull tabs to pull on and off easily. 

Open fingers provide dexterity and ease of use. 

Key Features:

  • Lightweight polyester Spandex
  • UV treated yarn knit in
  • UPF 50 protection
  • Pairing snaps to keep gloves together when not in use
  • Cuff pull tab with silicon grip
  • Short fingered
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Video Transcript

These are the Traction UV Glove by Mustang. They are primarily to protect your hand from UV damage from the sun. This material is UPF 50 rated. So it's 50 times more resilient in terms of protection than your skin. They are cut all the way up here so if you're wearing a shirt, there's a nice overlap so that you don't get any burn in this area. Very lightweight, very comfortable. To get them on there's this kinda sticky area that helps you pull them on and then to take them off, this is rather unique, these little tabs right here have a sticky coating underneath them and you can just grab it with two fingers and then just pull the glove off.

On this side, we've go the ameri-palm here so that's a synthetic leather that stays supple. It's actually aerated so it's lighter. Maybe not as hot. Then this material here is a newer material to us. It's called AX and it's specifically designed to add friction and grip in wet situations. So, it has textured finish and a bit of a stickiness and that wraps all the way around. When you're not using these you can just clip them together so that they don't get separated. So this is the Traction UV Glove by Mustang.