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The longtime favorite piece of gear in our kits here at APS, the Musto MPX Gore-Tex Race Lite Salopettes are the ultimate in functionality, durability, and versatility. These salopettes are the best option for waterproof trousers that are breathable, comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and abrasion-resistant against the deck of a sailboat. The MPX Race Salopettes are designed for keelboat racing, but they can be worn for many types of sailing where you need to stay dry in an active environment.

These salopettes are made with a 3-layer GORE-Tex® Pro fabric that delivers a truly waterproof garment while simultaneously offering breathability to let moisture out. These two functions work seamlessly together to keep sailors as dry and comfortable as possible while facing the elements. The high chest of the waterproof fabric offers greater protection as well, keeping the core dry without the need for a jacket in light spray on a warm day.

The salopette shoulders are designed with a stretchy fabric to allow for greater freedom of movement and a higher comfort level than the traditional suspenders style bibs, which is an added bonus after a long day (or night) on the water. The back waist adjustment allows for a better fit, and the underarm elastic provides even more comfort.

Cordura® patches at the knees and seat provide tough abrasion resistance, and the wide adjustable ankle cuffs close tightly to keep the water out.

Key Features:

  • 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro for superior breathability, durability and waterproofness
  • High chest fit for extra protection
  • 2-way water resistant zip and waterproof gusset to allow easy access
  • Stretch shoulders for extra comfort and freedom of movement
  • Elastication at underarm ensures a snug fit
  • Back waist adjustment to reduce volume
  • Inseam reflective to increase visibility on front body
  • Thigh pocket is laser cut and bonded with reflective PU with water resistant zips for easy storage, with laser cut drainage hole
  • Reinforced CORDURA® knee and seat patches
  • Leg cuff closures with VELCRO® adjustment for improved protection
More Information
Features Waterproof, Windproof, Breathable
Recommended Use Keelboat Racing
Material / Fabric 85% Polyamide, 15% PTFE (Shell); 88% Nylon, 12% Elastane (Stretch Shoulder Fabric)
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Video Transcript

This is the Musto MPX Gore-Tex Race Lite Salopette. This is made with Gore-Tex, a three layer laminate, so it's highly breathable, waterproof. It doesn't have to have a liner, so it stays nice and lightweight, so a nice performance material.

Just running through the features, I have stretch panels right up here, so if I'm moving, this is going to give with me. Then this obviously comes up nice and high, water resistant zipper, gusseted. Once again, unlined. Moving down, I've got adjustments here on the side so I can cinch in at the waist. I have a water resistant zipper here for this thigh pocket, and then I have large reinforcements, heavy here in the knees, and throughout the seat. Then lastly, one of the nice features with these is they use a neoprene that is a sticky neoprene on the inside, so it really wants to seal to whatever it's against, and it's stretchy. I can really, if I had offshore boots, I could stretch this around the boots and that would stay in place.

This is the Musto MPX Gore-Tex Race Lite Salopette.

NOTE: These two reviews are of the MPX salopettes which were the predecessor to the MPX Lite.  Many of the design features and values remain the same.

Its no surprise that some of the most popular foul weather gear bottoms we sell, Musto MPX Race Salopettes, are also a perennial staff favorite. That's why we’re so eager to talk them up.

These foul weather gear bottoms were developed for inshore and offshore sailors who need Gore-Tex fabric technology without the weight and bulk. This is a high performance garment built for performance.

The cut is designed to be slim and form fitting with all the
excess bulk removed, but they’re also flexible and easy to move around in. Largely for this reason we put it into the ‘buoy racing’ category; because of how athletic sailing around the buoys can be, but the garment is durable enough to handle almost everything you can throw at it. You could use this from
inshore to coastal sailing without much issue.


Looking at the garment itself the first feature that probably stands out to you are the wide shoulders. I personally prefer salopettes; the wide shoulder straps and high cut hold the garment close to your body so don’t have to worry about the shoulder straps falling off underneath your jacket or smock.

The only potential problem you might have with the salopettes is that if they don’t fit you well vertically (if you’re especially tall or short for your stature) then you can’t adjust them like you could a pair of bibs.

To make up for this lack of adjustment in the shoulders, Musto has also included straps around your kidneys so you can snug the garment around your waist. That way you carry less of the garment weight on your shoulders so it is easier to move around in. It also has the added benefit of reducing overall bulk around your torso so you’re not hung up on excess material.


To cut down on the bulk they have a simple, but durable
water resistant zipper and gusset instead of a big overlapping gusset and Velcro flaps. There is also a large pocket on the thigh with attachment tab and a multi tool pocket on your waist. To protect the garment from non-skid and normal wear and tear Musto has reinforced the knee and butt with Cordura, a material known for abrasion resistance.

The most important feature is the material it is made out of: Gore-Tex. Anyone can make a waterproof garment but the challenge is making it breathable, flexible and durable and that is what you get out of Gore-Tex.

As far as fit is concerned I’d say they fit pretty true to size. At 5’9, 160 lbs I wear a medium
which is pretty standard across the board with most every manufacturer.

They’re among the most expensive salopettes we sell, but they’re worth it. You’ll get the
Gore-Tex guarantee and will have many years of reliable use out of this garment. In conclusion if you’re the kind of person who expects the most out of their gear, then the MPX Salopettes are for you. Hands down these are some of the best sailing foul weather bottoms made … period.



Review by Matt F., Sales and Customer Service


"The one piece of foul weather gear I almost never leave home without are my Musto MPX Gore-Tex Race Salopettes. Sure, they’re pricey, but for as much as I use them and as long as they’ll last, they are worth every penny. It’s hard to put a dollar amount on comfort while sailing. If you are dry: you are comfortable and that’s what gore-tex pro shell offers you.

As a frequent bowman I am always breaking waves for the rest of the boat so most days I won’t leave the dock without putting them on. Even when I’m not on bow they’re still the first piece of foul weather gear I put on. The salopettes act as a vest and a pair of pants so unless it’s pouring rain, really windy or cold I don’t usually need a spray top. You’ll often see me wearing these salopettes with an R1 base layer underneath and once things start to really get hairy I’ll put on the smock.

Musto might resent this comment but I’d consider the salopettes the Snuggie of foul weather gear… they’re my safety blanket… warm, comfortable and most of all dependable…."


  • Fabric: GORE-TEX® Pro Shell Laminate, Nylatex stretch
    shoulders for extra comfort, 500 denier Cordura seat & knee patches
    with internal abrasion free seams.
  • Fit: Active cut, room for light layering, high chest fit for extra protection.
  • Closures: 2-Way water resistant zip and waterproof gusset,
    adjustable ankles, smooth non-abrasive stretch ankle seals with Velcro
  • Other: Multi-tool attachment facility, unlined for easy
    access & speed of drying, waist adjusters, thigh pocket with water
    deflecting inner lip .