New England Ropes STS - WR2 Dyneema Line

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New England Ropes STS (Stronger than Steel) Wire Replacement Rope has a 100% Dyneema core and cover making it the perfect wire rope replacement for lifelines and select standing rigging. It's lighter, more flexible and have a much longer service life than wire. WR2 works well as replacement lifelines, below deck wires or backstays.

Common Applications:

  • Common applications for WR2 are lifelines, select standing rigging, backstays or wires where abrasion is a concern.


  • WR2 is a very smooth, almost slick line. It is fairly stiff, however much more flexible than wire.

Cover Material: Dyneema SK-78

  • The Dyneema cover has an extremely tight weave for outstanding durability. This allows WR2 to stand up to abrasion much better than wire. Dyneema is resistant to moisture and UV rays.

Core Material: Dyneema SK-78

  • A high strength Dyneema core gives WR2added strength and stability. It has a very low braid angle meaning making it less likely to snag and generally more durable. 

End Termination: Melted

  • Ends can be melted but whipping is recommend to keep the Dyneema from fraying over time.

Spliceable: Yes

  • Splicing is possible but the cover cannot be buried back in to itself when eye splicing.  Eye splices are 12-strand with a whipped down (not buried) cover.

Strippable: Yes

  • Stripping is possible, , but can be difficult due to the tightness of the cover.
Size Specifics
Size: InchesSize: MillimetersTensile Strength (lbs.)Weight in Lbs/100 ft.
1/8 3 1,800 0.39
3/16 5 4000 1.15
Line Characteristics
 Poor Average Excellent
Cleat/Clutch Holding          
Abrasion Resistance          
Thermal Resistance          
 Low Medium High
Water Absorption          

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More Information
Line Application Backstay, Lifelines
Line Construction Double Braid
Core Material Dyneema SK-78
Cover Material Dyneema / Spectra
Can Strip Cover? No
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The WR2 by New England Ropes is a Dyneema single braid covered by a Dyneema cover that is made specifically for wire replacement, and is particularly well suited for sailboat lifeline replacement.

 New England Ropes WR2

This week I am showing you lightweight lifelines made with the new WR2. One of the least thought about and important parts of any vessels safety equipment are the lifelines. ISAF Offshore Regulations now set minimum diameters on fibrous lifelines that have been spliced, and recommend a covered Dyneema line like the WR2 as a best option. The WR2 in the 3/16” size shown complies with all regulations on any size vessel.

 New England Ropes WR2 life lines

As you see in the video, a fibrous sailboat lifeline is easy to install, and according to the manufacturer have a longer service life than the wire they replace.

If you are replacing a wire lifeline it is important that you take a file and smooth any burrs on your stanchions that the old wire may have created. Once that is covered you can enjoy years of maintenance free, easy to handle, lightweight lifelines.

Please feel free to contact our Sales and Customer Service Crew with any questions on replacing a sailboat lifeline with this great new alternative.

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Kyle from APS and I'm here to share with you some of the characteristics of STS WR2 by New England Ropes.

Now, what the heck is that? STS is stronger than steel. The WR2 stands for wire replacement rope. This is a double braid of dyneema DSK 78. It has a very tightly woven jacket and because of the weave and the dyneema it will hold up very well in high chafe, abrasion situations.

It is a coated core so the jacket can be pulled back buried and it's a medium braid, so this can be used for replacement lifelines and some select standard rigging applications, backstays, things of that nature, but the vast majority of this we see used for replacing wire lifelines. This has a very long service life. It holds well up to abrasion in the stanchions and it gets rid of a lot of hardware so we would typically take all of the wire and wire fittings off. Using your measurements we would put an eye splice in the front that would get luggage tagged to the front stanchion. Run this through the stanchions and at the stern we would strip back the jacket, do it on this end, and terminate the jacket there and put a 12 strand splice in there and this would just simply be lashed and tensioned to the stern pulpit and you get rid of all that wire weight, all that hardware. This just runs from front to the back of the boat.

This is available in the one color, in the 3/16” which you can see here how stiff that is. It doesn't even want to fall down and in the 1/8” inch.

This is WR2 by New England Ropes. For these and all of your line needs visit us at