Offshore Glove - Waterproof PVC w/ Wrist Cuff & Lining

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This fully waterproof glove will keep your hands warm and dry in the coldest conditions. The outer glove is completely waterproof, and consist of the blue PVC which has a texture to it for easy line grip, and the black latex rubber seal at the cuff. The fuzzy lining keeps you warm, and is removable for easy cleaning or drying. Wear these offshore when it's cold and rough out, but you need to keep your hands on the wheel.

Wear these with the foul weather gear jacket of your choice. Tuck the black latex rubber seal under your foul weather gear jacket’s inner adjustable wrist seal to keep water from getting into your gloves.

For long passage making we suggest buying a second pair of the insulated liners such that if your gloves were to get wet inside, you always have a second dry liner drying below and available.

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