Laser Sailboat Covers, Blade and Spar Bags

Protect your investment and competitive advantage with Laser covers and bags. Padded blade bags prevent damage to your dinghy foils while deck, hull, and spar covers keep your boat and rig looking their best.

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  1. Laser Deck Cover, Top Gun
    As low as $255.22
  2. Laser Bottom Hull Cover, Top Gun
    As low as $255.22
  3. Laser® Zippered Spar Bag
    As low as $63.50
  4. Laser Blade Bag
    As low as $114.28
  5. Laser® 3-Part Spar Bag
    As low as $93.47
  6. Laser Full-Zip Travel Cover, Top Gun
    As low as $456.51
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Top & Bottom Laser Covers

Standard use hull and deck covers come in three types of material.  Sunbrella which is acrylic and holds up to the sun’s UV well, breathes well, but is generally recommended for storage covers only, as the material does not hold up well to the abrasion caused from trailering or car topping.  TopGun which is a polyester material that breaths, holds up well to UV is abrasion resistant and is generally the best all-around choice.  The third material family is one of various economy materials which are good and save you money, but may not perform as well as other choices.

Full Boat Cover

The all-in one full zip cover is great for total boat protection, but does not give you the option to remove just the top cover and rig your boat on the dolly with the bottom cover on only, or just cover the deck (and your gear in the cockpit) overnight on a dolly with the bottom cover off during a multi-day regatta.

Laser Blade Bags

All blade bags are foam padded and have separate internal sleeves for you rudder and daggerboard, a sleeve for your tiller & extension and an outside storage pocked for rigging.  We have different club/economy blade bags which are sufficient for general protection and transport whether racing or sailing recreationally.  The pro type bags offer better materials, padding and internal access.  Plus the outside pocket is much, much larger and can even hold a folded sail.

Laser Spar Bags

The APS Pro bag is an easy way to transport your mast with the sail attached and rolled (battens removed) with your boom too.  Spar bags come in basic zip nylon (one compartment) or 3-poart sleeved versions to keep spars from dining one another.  All are a good way to protect your spars from the elements and keep they clean while transporting.

Laser Step Savers

This is inserted into your mast stop during winter storage and displaced any water that might have gotten in from collecting and freezing in the mast step tube.  Water that freezes (and expands) in the mast stop tube can cause permanent damage that leads to catastrophic mast step failure.

Foil Protectors

These are plastic sleeves with a slit/opening running up one edge.  Slide them over and on to the trailing edge of your rudder and daggerboard for additional ‘ding’ protection while transporting your blades in a blade bag.