Optimist Sailboat Line Recommendations

Annapolis Performance Sailing recommends the following lines and lengths for the Optimist. Lines are recommended based on the level of sailing. Line recommendations are based on the type of sailing you will be doing and the necessary performance needed from the line. If you're looking to replace all of your lines, look below.

Recreational: For those for the sailor looking to rig their Optimist for less strenuous use. The lines are typically more durable and able to withstand the use of a club boat that's looking for longevity over high performance.
Racing: If you're looking to be competitive in your Opti fleet, these lines are for you. The lines are typically the highest performance for the application for those who are looking for high performance characteristics.

Corner ties are 23" long. Middle ties are 17" long.

Line Length Diameter Line Type
Recreational Racing
Mainsheet 24 feet 7mm
Sail Ties (Middle) 21 feet 1/16 inch
Sail Ties  (Corner) 10 feet 1/8 iinch
Boom Bridle 6 feet 1/8 inch
Bridle Preventer 3 feet 1/8 inch
Outhaul 6 feet 3/16 inch
Boom Vang 4 feet 3/16 inch
Sprit Control 4 feet 3/16 inch
Painter 30 feet 1/4 inch
Centerboard Shock 4 feet 1/4 inch
Hiking Strap Shock 6 feet 3/16 inch
Mast Tie Down 2 feet 1/8 inch
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