Weems & Plath Professional Protractor Triangle

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This Weems and Plath Professional Protractor Triangle is a bit larger than other navigation triangles on the market. It has legs that are 9.312 inches long and a hypotenuse (long side) 13.125 inches long.

It has both 320mm and 1-80,000 scales and is constructed of heavy duty clear 5 mm thick acrylic for durability with a handle for ease of use.

  • Pencil and sharpener included.
  • Clean uncluttered design.
  • Both 320mm and 1-80,000 scales shown.
  • Inscribed with contrast-enhancing colors.
  • Hole at vertex allows for various distance measurements, details included with package.
  • Heavy duty clear 5mm acrylic construction for durability.
  • Weems and Plath Lifetime warranty.
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Color Black
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