Profurl 320 Cruising Furler System - 9/32" Headstay 46ft

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The Profurl 320 Cruising Furler system is a manual reefing furler with a 46 feet 9/32” headstay luff extrusion designed to be reliable, tough and maintenance-free. The top choice among boat builders and leading charter fleets, this system is made to simplify maneuvers and eliminate corrosion while delivering an optimal strength to weight ratio and smooth furling even under load.

All of the components for the drum have been selected to increase durability and lower friction. The drum is made with UV resistant, high impact plastic with a smooth surface to prevent lines from jamming and chafing. The open drum design prevents jams and gives access to the furling line in case of an override. The stainless steel drum cage prevents the furling line from jumping off the drum and allows for the furling line to be led in any direction off of the furler. A locking device secures the system at the base of the forestay.

The C6 carbon steel ball bearings in the drum and top swivel are permanently sealed and packed in waterproof grease. The unique double lip seal system prevents water and impurities such as dust from entering the hydraulically sealed ball bearing compartments, making the system maintenance free and easy to use.

The lightweight and strong luff extrusion wraps around your forestay, shaped to increase aerodynamic performance on each tack while reducing luff tension and preventing twists. The asymmetric luff grooves make for easy hoisting and prevent jams. Longitudinal ribbing in the luff extrusion reduces friction and helps to hold the sail tightly while rolling. The included clip-in sail feeder is removable so that the top swivel can easily be taken off. A halyard wrapstop prevents the halyard from wrapping around the stay.

Installation is fairly simple, and, in most cases, can be fitted over your current forestay. The included long linkplate can be cut and drilled to customize the drum height off the deck. Additional lengths of luff extrusion and clevis pins are available; give APS a call if you need different sizing. 

Profurl offers an industry leading warranty on their cruising furler systems, which are built for cruisers who are looking for durability and dependability.

  • Low maintenance
  • UV & high impact resistant drum
  • Open drum design
  • Stainless steel double ring drum cage
  • Locking device
  • Ball bearings permanently sealed in grease
  • Aerodynamic luff extrusion with double grooves
  • Halyard wrapstop
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Double #6 luff tape grooves
  • 46' luff extrusion
  • FIts a 9/32" forestay
More Information
Boat Length (Ft) 32-39
Boat Length (M) 9.5-12
Clevis Pin (in) 1/2
Clevis Pin (mm) 12
Diameter (in) 9/32 (Forestay)
Diameter (mm) 7 (Forestay)
Max Headstay Length (ft) 46
Max Headstay Length (M) 14
Max Sail Area (Sq. M) 45
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