Performance Sailing Industry Accounts

apsTerms and Conditions

APS is happy to provide resellers of sailboat cordage, rigging, hardware and accessories a reduced retail price so they can use the convenience of purchasing from APS. This program also allows full time employees of these resellers a courtesy discount for personal use purchases.

Is this a Wholesale Account?

No. PSIAs offer courtesy retail discounts and are not wholesale accounts.

Who May Qualify for an Account?

Legitimate resellers of sailboat equipment- retailers, rigging shops, boat builders, sail makers, boat yards.

Where can I Get an Application? 

Click here for a PSIA Company Application or an Individual PSIA Informantion form.

How can our Company Apply for a PSIA?

  1. Have a Senior Manager submit a Company Application, including a list of authorized account users.
  2. Each authorized person listed on the application needs to submit a completed Individual Information sheet.

How the Program Works

Identify yourself as a PSIA member when placing a phone order or making an in-store purchase. The order will be processed with the appropriate discounts. Merchandise must be paid in full at the time of purchase or shipment. PSIA orders are not accepted on our web page.

How do you Renew your Accounts each year?

APS will email a renewal form to your company once a year. Fill it out and email or fax it back. New individuals will need to complete an Individual Information sheet.

Discount Amounts?

Discounts are taken from APS' normal selling price.

  • Apparel/clothing - 15%
  • Hardware, cordage and accessories - 10%
  • Sale items, sails, labor, rigging services, carbon poles, dollies, racks, boats and trailers are exempt.

Example: Schaefer track slide.

  • List Price $78.00
  • APS price $58.50
  • PSIA price $52.65

Example: Yale Cordage Crystalyne line.

  • List price $4.74/ft
  • APS price $2.84/ft
  • PSIA price $2.64/ft

Maryland Sales Tax

PSI accounts offer courtesy retail discounts and are not wholesale distribution accounts. Under Maryland law, APS must collect 6% sales tax on all purchases shipped to or made in the state of Maryland.

Account Payment

All merchandise must be paid for at the time of purchase or shipment.

In-store purchases are to be paid by cash, check or credit card.

Shipped orders are to be paid by credit card. (COD orders are sent with applicable COD fee.)


Accounts are offered at the sole discrestion of APS, Ltd. and may be changed, altered or discontinued at any time.

Discounts are vaild at the time of sale only and are not retroactive or transferable.

Prices are specifications are subject to change.

Membership is based on a calendar year.

Company accounts and their members must be renewed yearly.

APS cannot use customer supplied shipping accounts.