Schaefer Quick Connect 8.5 Investment S.S. Cleat

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Schaefer's unique deck mounting system allows you the flexibility you've always wanted on your deck. Whether you need a cleat, padeye, block, or a flush deck while underway, the one mount will do the job.

The stainless steel cleat locks into place with a 1/4 turn and push. Remove by lifting the two flush release levers and again turning. You may then replace the cleat with a screw-in stainless steel eye that is idea for tie downs, dinghies, safety gear, life rafts or anything else you can think of. The stainless Series 8 Stand-up Block is ideal for use as an afterguy or any line that needs a clean, strong lead.

Stainless Steel Cleat, 8.5 in

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Color Black
Safe Working Load (lbs) 4,200
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