Zhik Racing Buoyancy Aid

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A sport boat favorite, the Zhik Racing Buoyancy Aid is a popular, slick, form-fitting alternative to a traditional PFD. Designed with racing in mind, there are no unnecessary straps or buckles to keep weight down. Once you have the correct comfort tension set on the adjustable side strap, you have only one buckle and the side entry zipper to deal with when putting it on. Inside the buoyancy aid, a rubber grip strip prevents ride-up, even in quick maneuvers. The form-fitting cut gives you a wide range of movement and the soft foam provides all day comfort. The large chest pocket has become a favorite amenity in PFD's. 

Key Features:

  • EN393 50N Certified (Not US coast guard approved)
  • Neoprene shoulder straps
  • Front pocket storage
  • Side Zipper Entry
  • One buckle for easy adjustability
  • Inner rubber strip keeps jacket in place 

Please Note:This buoyancy aid is CE approved, but has not been Coast Guard approved. The Zhik Buoyancy Aid is meant to aid in floatation of a user, and should not be used in place of a PFD when one is required.

More Information
Features Water Repellent, Fast Dry
Recommended Use Day Sailing, Dinghy Racing, Keelboat Racing
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Video Trancript

This is the Zhik Racing Buoyancy Aid. It is not Coast Guard approved. It has 50 Newtons of flotation and it's designed just to aid you in keeping above the water. Very sleek design here. Not a lot of things to get caught on the rigging. It really hugs the body.

Start with some of the features. I've got neoprene stretch here in the shoulders. In the front, I've got this storage pocket with a fold over lip. I can put all my things in there. Drainage holes on the side. Elastic down here at the bottom. It's a side entry here. I've got this tab to keep the zipper from coming down and then I have this single point to adjust the entire jacket all the way around. Just pull this and then I can take this tail and put it into this tunnel right here. So, as I get out of this, I'll open the zipper, open this up. On the inside, what you'll notice is this strip right here is on the inside of that uni belt that goes all the way around. What that is, front and back, is this rubbery textured material so that when you put the vest on and pull it down. Basically, once you tension this strap, it pushes the stickiness against whatever you're wearing. It kind of keeps it down and keeps it from riding up. This is the Zhik Racing Buoyancy Aid.