Racing Mark 32 x 32 - Yellow

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There's a reason you find the APS Logo everywhere you sail. We are committed to quality racing products and these marks are no exception. We set out to make practical racing marks that will hold up for multiple seasons without breaking the bank.

Our marks are custom manufactured out of a UV stable PVC - thick enough to hold up to substantial abrasion. The marks are assembled with wide heat-sealed seams to prevent blow outs.

Inflation or deflation is quick and easy and can be accomplished by two methods. Minor adjustments can be made through the 1/2 in. wide two-way valve on top. For complete inflation or deflation, unscrew the valve assembly to use the 1 in. wide inflation base. The cap comes with airtight inO in ring seals and lanyards to prevent loss.

There are four large welded eyehooks on the bottom provide multiple attachment points for ground tackle (fancy name for anchor stuff).

This mark measures 32 in. x 32 in wide and is designed to be used with a 2lb counterweight (not included) for stability.

Inflation Reminder: Be sure to leave your marks slightly under inflated to prevent rupturing as the air inside expands. Damage can occur if marks are fully inflated on a cool morning then taken onto the water on a hot afternoon.

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